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Special Components

Specialist components including isolating switches for desk and backwall panel mounting.

  • 22/Z knob operated selector switches - a range of distinct knob styles all provided with a high degree of visual indication, while panel security is maintained by a tabbed washer that prevents access from the front. Unrestricted switch sequences are preferred, however restricted movement switches can be supplied. 
  • '30 Series' ZN309B1 knob operated selector switches - actuator is designed to operate our 20A mini-rotary switches and comes complete with a positive indicator. 
  • Selector switch latching covers - optional accessory for both 22/K and ZN309B1 switches.
  • Latching selector switches - designed to provide isolation of defined circuits / functions all with a secure reset facility.
  • Combination key operated switches - designed to provide isolation of defined circuits / functions using the secure drivers combination key.
  • Ø60 latching pushbuttons - Large diameter button is easily operated and if latched requires the 'C' end of the drivers combination key to reset.
  • Ø54 '32 Series'  latch before break emergency pushbuttons - adopting rotary switch technology but with a push action enables the point at which the contacts operate relative to the latching point to be accurately set.

Please view the PDF below to see various examples of options available to you or contact our Transport Sales Team to discuss your requirements.


Special Components PDF

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