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  • Heavy duty Emergency Stop, pull-to-reset.
  • U29 die-cast flap cover. Used to prevent unauthorised resetting of stayput actuators. The flap is depressed to actuate the pushbutton with one or more padlocks in position. This ensures resetting cannot take place untill all of the padlocks are removed.
  • IP65 seal Pushbutton to face plate. When installing use a continuous bead of flexible sealant to provide an effective seal between the face plate and the mounting surface.
  • 1 C/O contact block
  • Electrical ratings:-
    Utilisation Category - AC15
    Rated insulation voltage(Ui) - 660V
    Rated operational voltage(Ue) - 250V/660V
    Rated operational current(Ie) - 4A/2A
    Continuous thermal current(Ith) - 10A
  • IEC/EN 60947-5-1

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