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i-select Selector Switches

Craig & Derricott has been at the forefront of Selector Switch design and manufacture for more than 50 years. Flexibility has always the premise upon which the various ranges evolved because the possible combinations of contact arragement and actuator variations demanded by users is in the thousands.

On this site and in our latest cataloges we show a selection of standard switch arrangements which can be matched to a range of actuators, legends and accessories. This provides the user with a wide selection of solutions, however if there are particular requirements which fall outside the standard offerings then this is where C&D come into their own. 

Our engineers will design a specific solution to suit individual applications which may include:-

  • Switch contact sequence to customers individual requirements
  • Choice of knob, key or locking handles in various sizes and mountings
  • Lengend plates engraved/printed to details provided by the customer
  • A wide choice of accessories to enhance the basic switch functions.

If you need any advise on preparing your Selector Switch enquiry, please contact our Sales team.


Switch Ranges

K Series

 Craig & Derricott's NEW range of Selector Switch products.

Standard and bespoke arrangements can be provided from a selection of switches designed to the latest international specifications.


Classic Series

Switch designs popular with panel constructors and OEM's alike. Unique features make the Classic products different from any other switch manufacturer

K Series

Craig & Derricott's NEW 'K Series' selector switches are available in four different ranges, each of which has distinct design differences and ranges of accessories. This presents the user with a vast choice of options and the aim of this website is to help the user decide the best option for their precise application.   Switch Ranges Selector Switch catalogue numbers ...

Classic Series

Hand operated rotary switches provide the most cost effective method of solving complex contact switching functions. However, every item of electrical equipment needs a method of disconnecting it safely from the supply, and here again, the rotary switch with positive break contacts, performs that function effectively.  Craig & Derricott rotary switches are supplied in 6A, 16A, 20A & ...