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i-grab Grabwire Switches

Grabwire switches enables the provision of continuous Emergency Stop protection for operators over long distances. When correctly installed, the requirements of BS EN 13850 are met in full.

Designed originally for conveyor installations, these products are extremely versatile and can easily be adapted to cover many applications. A stainless steel housed option allows this scope to be extended to food preparation, pharmaceutical, brewing and rugged outdoor environment areas.


             The 'GW' range, is a tensioned wire system which is designed to cover small to medium

             sized runs. (Up to 100M max. between pairs)

             The 'LG' range is designed to cover longer distances and is ideal for use in quarries, gravel pits,

             jetties or in fact any extended run of machinery where protection is needed along the whole

             length. (Up to 2km run can be accommodated).

Grabwire switches

The 'GW' range is designed for indoor or outdoor applications with a maximum span between switches of 100M. All items operate using a 'taut wire' system which is pulled to initiate a 'Stop' function. The grabwire switches are sold individually and the only other component required to complete an installation is a 'Pull Wire' kit. These are sold in various lengths and contain the pull wire, all ...

GW Accessories

The GW Range is extremely versatile when adapting to a specific plant layout. To ensure that the user has the tools to complete a specific installation, several key components have been made available as accessories.

LW Range

For very long installations the 'LW Range' offers many benefits. In this system the armoured 'pull cable' contains three electrical cores, and these are used to transmit operational information the complete length of the run. Using this system ensures that connections to the pull cable need only be made at one end and the distance protected can be up to 2kM. A single control station (CS1) ...

LW Accessories

The LW range pull cable is available in various lengths to suit specific installations. Sufficient GWA 0070 eyebolt supports should be selected to support the pull cable every 2M.