Now offering CPD training on Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) & London Underground Switchgear




Craig & Derricott are now a certified CPD (Continuing Professions Development) training provider and offering the opportunity for two CPD training presentations:




  1. Understanding Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) - a one hour presentation which provides an insight into ATS. The training covers the history of transfer switches and the relevant British Standards. It explains how different ATS work and the specifications and optional features available within the industry. It also includes guidance on typical specifications to consider when it comes to ordering the right ATS.
  2. Understanding Switchgear for London Underground - a one hour presentation which provides an insight into Infrastructure (switchgear) products for the London Underground Market. Starting with a look into gaining a greater understanding of what ingress protection is to gain the knowledge to decide what type of product is required. The training will continue into discussing details on the products in the market and standards they have to meet and the product approval process required.



If you are interested in arranging a time for one of these presentations or for more information on either course, please email