Craig & Derricott continued re-designing and re-developing the range of products on offer to their customers.

Fire Rated Switchgear 

Additional ratings have been added to Craig & Derricott’s extensive range of Fire Rated products, making it one of the largest in the world. Available 20A to 800A suitable for F200, F300 and F400 installations. Supplied in die-cast aluminium, sheet steel and stainless steel enclosure, designing the range for all environments. These units come standard in a red (RAL 3020) polyester powder coat finish, with padlocking in both ‘Off’ and ‘On’ position.



Plastic and Die-Cast Aluminium enclosed switchgear

Craig & Derricott had a design change on their range of plastic (a.c. & d.c.) and aluminium enclosed switchgear, now offering a new enclosure for their 20A to 32A (40A for aluminium) units. This enclosure still offers all the same product and safety features available to the other units within the range, allowing the user to have a product that meets all their requirements.




Sheet Steel Hinged Door Switchgear

Their range of sheet steel enclosed switchgear ranging from 32A to 1000A has gone through a design change and is now offered in a new enclosure, that helps avoid the need for extension boxes. Sealing to IP65, this range of switchgear offers the user a robust product suitable for most indoor and outdoor installations. Each unit is supplied with a safety handle, which when padlocked (up to three) in the ‘Off’ position, the enclosure door cannot be opened.



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