Craig and Derricott extend their Motor Control range

Motor controls are the latest collection of products to be introduced to the extensive Craig and Derricott line of low voltage electrical control and switchgear. In addition to the range of Direct-On-Line (DOL), Direct-On-Line Reversing and Star Delta Starters, C&D are happy to announce the new range of Speed Controls.


Ranging from 0.25kW to 22kW, this collection of Speed Controls come fitted as standard with reliable and cost effective Emotron inverters. Supplied in a compact IP54 enclosure with ventilation fans, filters and simple start and stop push buttons, they are pre-engineered for users to set the speed and start saving energy.


Reduce the speed and SAVE ENERGY

  • Pre-engineered enclosures & simple controls 
  • Just the Mains & Motor to connect 
  • Preprogrammed soft start and stop ramps 
  • Nothing to do - All the basics pre-set 
  • Set the speed and press start 
  • Reduce the speed and save energy




Approximate Saving

10% slower = 25% saving

20% slower = 45% saving

30% slower = 65% saving


To view our full range of Motor Controls, click here.