Drivers Cab

Craig & Derricott has been supplying components for Drivers Cabs for over 25 years and in that time has become acknowledged as supplying robust components with the utmost in reliability.

Typical components supplied for this area would include:-

  • Specialist components for desks and control panels.
  • Master & shunt controllers
  • Drumswitch un-couplers
  • Drivers direction Switches
  • Back wall isolation panels.




















The back wall isolation panels are designed around the safety features associated with each vehicle class. The means and style of actuator can be tailored as can the security reset feature. The data sheets are available for the specific items described below. Contact our sales team for more information.

  • Bespoke Assemblies - 'Specially designed assemblies built to customers/vehicles precise requirements.'
  • Special Components - 'Components including isolating switches for driver's desk and backwall panel mounting.'
  • Master controllers - 'The operational interface between the driver and the train.'
  • 30 Series Components - 'Heavy duty low projection range of pushbuttons, indicators and rotary switches.'

If you have a requirement for a cab component or assembly, please contact our specialised rail engineers to discuss your specific requirements.