'Section 12' Equipment

Following the Kings Cross fire of 1987, the resulting Fennell enquiry prompted the introduction of additional fire precautions for 'Sub-surface Railway Stations'. These additional requirements were introduced under section 12 of the Fire Precautions Act 1971, and since then have been known simply as Section 12 regs. There are at present around 120 London Underground stations that come under Section 12 requirements.

The forensic report on the fire sited several instances of a 'flash over' effect caused by materials and paint finishes being ignitable. Exacerbating the conditions underground were toxic fumes given off by certain materials being excessively heated.

Although the new regulations dealt with all aspects of fire prevention such as the removal of wooden escalators, the installation of heat detectors, improved staff training etc, as far as actual equipment supplied for underground use, the overriding emphasis was on materials and paint finishes.

With this isolation range, the overall consideration has been to meet, and where possible exceed, the Section 12 requirements. This has been achieved by the careful selection of individual component materials and the use of only recognised and approved paint finishes.


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