Rail infrastructure covers a wide spectrum of environments and Craig & Derricott has supplied equipment into most. Station platforms,

escalators, maintenance bays and trackside are areas supplied in the past.

Undergroud areas covered by 'Section 12' regulations is an area we have a particular reputation. For these areas we have designed a   complete range of isolation equiment.


The Diagram below incicates a small selection of products developed for underground use.



Craig & Derricott products can also be found in Repair Depots where Isolators and pushbutton control stations are used and long distance grabwire systems are installed in repair pits to provide a continuous Emergency Stop facility.


Overground - 'Equipment used in non-underground applications.'

Underground (Section 12) -  'Equipment used on underground applications.'

'Section 12' Equipment

Following the Kings Cross fire of 1987, the resulting Fennell enquiry prompted the introduction of additional fire precautions for 'Sub-surface Railway Stations'. These additional requirements were introduced under section 12 of the Fire Precautions Act 1971, and since then have been known simply as Section 12 regs. There are at present around 120 London Underground stations that come under...