Original Equipment Manufacturer


Craig & Derricott has been a component supplier to a vast number of companies over the past 60 odd years. The company has gained a reputation for providing the customer with a solution designed from scratch or adapted from a standard product that meets their precise requirements.


The website displays a host of our standard products, but if you need something that little bit special, then don't hesitate, give us a call.


'i-switch' Isolation Equipment (25A - 1000A)

Craig & Derricott's Isolation Equipment ranges include:-

Switch Disconnectors (Isolators)

Changeover Switch Disconnectors (Changeover Isolators)

Fuse Combination Units (Fuse Switches)


'i-push' Control Stations

Assembled Control Stations

'i-select' Selector Switches (10A - 125A)

Selector Switches


'i-press' Footswitches & Limit Switches

Footswitches (Light, medium & heavy duty)

Limit switches (Including metalclad and encapsulated)


'mi-switch' Bespoke Products 

Specially Designed Products


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