Electrical Contractor


Craig & Derricott has been designing and manufacturing electrical switchgear for more than 60 years and in that time the comments and feedback from installers has ensured that every new product is an  improvement on its predecessor.


For the electrical contractor the old adage 'time is money' couldn't be more relevant these days and all of our current ranges are designed to make installation easier and hence quicker. Generous cabling space is a feature of all of Craig & Derricott's equipment, particularly important when installing larger items thus avoiding the time and expense of fitting extension boxes.


With ratings from 25A to 1000A and a wide choice of enclosure materials the 'i-switch' Isolation Equipment ranges are second to none for the installer.


Assembled control stations and safety grabwire products enhance the offerings for the installer.


'i-switch' Isolation Equipment (25A - 1000A)

Craig & Derricott's Isolation Equipment ranges include:-

Switch Disconnectors (Isolators)

Changeover Switch Disconnectors (Changeover Isolators)

Fuse Combination Units (Fuse Switches)


'i-push' Control Stations

Assembled Control Stations


'i-grab' Grabwire Switches

GW tensioned wire system (Up to 100M spans)

LW slack wire system (Up to 2kM run)


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