Craig & Derricott can offer the consultant ranges of products with a wide spectrum of features and performances. For example Isolation equipment products are offered enclosed and in panel isolation format 20A - 1250A. As enclosed items the enclosure material options are second to none.


Any project requiring bespoke selector switches can be satisfied from the latest i-select range and ATEX products for gas and dust atmospheres can be supplied.


Craig & Derricott specialise in designing and manufacturing products under the mi-switch banner to meet specific criteria defined by the end user. If you need to discuss a product you have to secure then give us a call.


'i-switch' Isolation Equipment (25A - 1000A)

Craig & Derricott's Isolation Equipment ranges include:-

Switch Disconnectors (Isolators)

Changeover Switch Disconnectors (Changeover Isolators)

Fuse Combination Units (Fuse Switches)

Panel Isolators 


'i-select' Selector Switches (10A - 125A) 

Selector Switches


'i-switch' ATEX Equipment

Zones 1 & 2 (Gas)

Zones 21 & 22 (Dust)


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